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Empire: Empire Ivory Black

Empire: Empire Ivory Black

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Empire Inks was originally developed in 2012 by Colt Brown in an effort to provide tattoo artists with a perfect system of gray wash ink. As a predominantly black and gray portrait artist, Colt Brown understood the importance of ink consistency and workability, which is why Empire Inks Graywash Series is specially formulated with pigments ground to an e-fine base powder. This helps the ink go into the skin effortlessly, producing the smoothest gray tones possible and minimizing unintentional peppered shading.

Empire Inks are manufactured in the USA in a 100% sterile environment. They use an EU certified pigment dispenser to weigh, disperse, blend, and color-match all tattoo ink for consistency and accuracy. Empire Inks are also 100% Vegan.

Ivory Black is the darkest pigment Empire Inks has to offer. It is a cool shade of black that contrasts with warmer shades, and it is Colt Brown’s go-to tattoo ink for heavy saturation. This listing is for Empire Inks Ivory Black as a 4oz.


  • Color: Ivory Black
  • Sizes: 4oz, 
  • 100% Vegan
  • E-fine pigment base powder
  • EU certified pigment dispenser used for accuracy and consistency
  • Darkest pigment in the Empire Inks Graywash Series
  • Manufactured in Wisconsin, USA
  • Price per one bottle
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